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Soft Drink Concentrates

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Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers

ISO certified

ISO certified manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of one of the World's best Soft Drink Concentrates, having an in-house Lab with in-house Research and Development facility.

We supply exotic different flavoured concentrates to soft drink bottlers, syrup & Pepsicle manufacturers.

  • Soft Drink Concentrates
  • Flavouring Essences
  • Instant China Grass
  • Jelly Crystals
  • Spices

We also manufacture lnstant China Grass and Jelly Crystals in delicious flavours.

the story

The founder of the company late Mr. soly Sethna was the pioneer of the Soft Drink Concentrates concept for housewives and consumers in India and had an experience of over 45 years in the Soft Drink industry.

Core Purpose

To build a globally trusted enterprise by providing tasty and world class products.

Vision - B Hag

To become the top 10 globally admired company, incorporating a philosophy of high value and trust with a turnover of Rs. 140 crore by 21st March 2022.

Core Values

  • Elevation of Indian Culture
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion with Gratitude

Brand Promise

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