Feroze Foods And Flavours

This is how it all began...

Early 1960’s

Late Mr. Soly Sethna worked in Turf Aerated Waters, a soft drink company in Bombay for around 19 years in the production and administration departments at a salary of Rs. 350 per month. This helped him gain knowledge in the soft drinks and flavours field.


Mr. Sethna got acquainted with Esoofally Mohamedally & Co., a local soft drink and syrup retailer. They both joined hands and marketed the concentrates under the brand name ‘Emcos Tayyar’.


Without any job and almost no money in hand, Mr. Soly Sethna then decided to go on his own and registered his own company in the name of ‘Feroze Corporation’, as a proprietorship business from home.


Feroze Corporation Acquired the first factory unit of 540 sq ft. in Byculla, Mumbai, with the help of Zainuddin Sapatwalla, the Manager at Emcos.


Feroze Corporation converted its business structure from Sole Proprietorship into a partnership firm.


The name was changed from Feroze Corporation to Feroze Foods And Flavours to enhance the company profile.


After the passing away of Mr. Soly Sethna, the company was managed by his son Mr. Feroze Sethna.

2015 — Present

The company has an annual turnover of INR 25 Cr. with exports in UAE, USA, and neighbouring countries.

The History Behind The Creation of Feroze Foods And Flavours

Feroze Foods started its journey back in 1960 when the founder, Late Mr Soly Sethna, recognized a widening gap for quality concentrates in the soft drinks and beverages industry. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise he gained from working at Turf Aerated Waters Company, Mumbai, he kickstarted the formulation of soft drink concentrates in the later years.

It All Started
in the Neighbourhood

At 55, with practically no money in hand and only INR 500 in the bank account, Mr. Soly Sethna created some of the best formulations for the soft drinks and beverage industry and started operating from his home, selling syrup bottles in the neighbourhood. And it was not until 1972 that Feroze Corporation came into existence.

Feroze Foods And Flavours

— Proud Producer of “A Drink to Remember”

And after 3 generations of Sethna’s, Feroze Foods And Flavours has finally reached a global stage where the company is not only producing a wide variety of flavours but also exporting them to the UAE, USA and neighbouring countries of the Indian Subcontinent. It is most famous for its Jeera Masala Soda flavour which is used by some of the most top soft drink brands in the country.