Our Purpose

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, we are Feroze Foods And Flavours, a proud manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Soft Drink Concentrates and Flavours.

Catering to the Food And Beverage Industry, our predominant clients are the Soft Drink Bottling Companies and Aerated Water Manufacturing Companies who wish to introduce an entire range of Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Soft drinks under their own brand name.

Feroze Foods And Flavours – A Globally Trusted Brand and A Legacy

50 Years of Experience

26 Unique Flavours

Customer Centricity

Driven by Creativity & Innovation

To Build a Legacy

- Avaa Soft Drink Concentrates

Our flavours are sold under the brand name “Avaa Soft Drink Concentrates”. In Persian Culture the word ‘Avaa’ denotes the Goddess of Water. Devising new and exciting flavours is in our genes, and quality and reliability are our legacies. And we aim to honour this legacy with gratitude, integrity, and compassion.

To Deliver Eminence

Three generations of the Sethna family have been in the business of manufacturing fresh and unique concentrate offerings. Our primary purpose is and will always be to provide our services to companies who are looking for one standard supplier for different flavours desiring supreme quality in taste of their beverages.

To Redefine the Soft Drinks Landscape

Through our extensive Research and Development, we aim to bring about a standardization batch after batch to our customer’s final products across India and beyond. We wish to take the entire industry by storm, and to achieve this, we are ready to unfold every card up our sleeve - our people, our resources and our whole heart.

To Push Boundaries

We have learned how to set our own course, go into the world, and persevere. We’ve pushed boundaries time and time again. And by the virtue and support of every member of the Feroze Foods family, we aim to help Soft Drink Companies manufacture and bottle their own distinctive range of beverages with simplicity and precision.