- The Pride of Our Workmanship

Since we belong to the Food and Beverage Industry, quality is of utmost importance and Customer Satisfaction is our reward, which is why we have been at the top of our game for more than 50 years. Our mission, our vision, and, more importantly, our passion is what has empowered us to persevere in the industry.

Consistency is the Key

We have leveraged every tool in the box to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in the food and beverage industry. This, combined with the standardisation we cultivate in our flavours, is why we proudly say that Feroze Foods And Flavours is an ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety and Management System Company.

Constantly Pushing The Limits Here, at Feroze Foods

It’s with pride that we say that Feroze Foods has successfully produced a wide range of great-tasting concentrates. Every batch prepared by our outstanding production team is tested and re-tested by our quality control experts to ensure that our end consumers get the quality and consistency that they deserve.

Minimising Errors Every Step of
the Way

Quality and consistency have been the pillars of our success. And that is the very reason why every batch we manufacture meets the highest quality standards laid down by the state. Certifications like ISO help us to maintain a standard protocol in our day to day operations to minimise errors and try to give our customers a standardised product each time.